Link Roundup: August 31

Introducing a new type of post here at Small Comforts Kitchen: a semi-regular roundup of food(ish)-related things I read/listened to and loved this week.

Trapped by Hurricane Harvey, These Bakers Made Thousands of Loaves of Bread for Those in Need” by Dan Q. Dao for Saveur
My heart hurts for my home state of Texas this week. If your heart is hurting too, this article might make your heart hurt a little less.

Squeeze the Last Bit of Summer Out of those Corn Cobs” by Ashley Goldsmith for Taste Cooking
I’m a sucker for anything that tells you how to use food you’d have otherwise thrown away or composted. Goldsmith tells you how to make corn broth and includes a yummy-looking recipe for Italian-inspired shrimp & grits.

Celery Was the Avocado Toast of the Victorian Era” by Heather Arndt Anderson for Taste Cooking
Did you know the Victorians were obsessed with celery? Like to the point that they’d put it in vases for display? Yeah, me neither.

You Must Remember This podcast – the “Jean and Jane” series
I’m a new-as-of-this week to Karina Longworth’s delightful podcast on old Hollywood. In this season, Longworth compares and contrasts the lives of actress Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda, their acting careers, the way men tried to control them, and their eventual political involvement. This isn’t food related but if you’re a history or film nerd I highly recommend this podcast.

How Exploited Social Justice for Clicks” by Adrienne Jeffries for The Outline
Brought to my attention by my incredibly talented journalist friend Kayleigh Hughes, this article is a must-read for anyone trying to do good writing in our current media culture. Technically I read this last week, but oh well.

That’s all until after Labor Day. I promise I’ll have more recipes up soon! Do some volunteer work or donate this weekend if you have the resources to do so (P.S. there are ways to help out that don’t involve money or time, like signal-boosting causes or voices that need to be heard). If you’re in Austin and you’re a baker, sign up to help out with the Austin Bakes for Harvey fundraiser on September 16.


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